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How to Tell if You’re in Ketosis: 7 Important Signs

how to tell if you're in ketosis

The Keto Diet, along with other low or no-carb diets, has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. But while they’re proven to help you burn fat, boost weight loss, and even clear your mind, the diet isn’t quite as easy as simply cutting carbs. For the diet to be effective, you have to get your body into ketosis, and then, you have to be able to keep it there.

First, though, you need to learn how to tell if you’re in ketosis. Keep reading to find out what you should know!

How to Tell if You’re In Ketosis 

Many individuals who are new to the keto diet falsely believe that the only way to tell whether or not you’re in ketosis is with ketone strips.

But while these strips will let you know whether your body has gone into ketosis, they are far from your only option.

In fact, when your body starts burning fat more efficiently, you’ll notice through a variety of natural signs.

1. Weight Loss

One of the most noticeable signs, as well as the one that most people are the happiest about, is weight loss.

During your first week of the keto diet, you’ll experience short, rapid weight loss. While you may think that this is your body beginning to burn fat on your new diet, it’s actually something else entirely.

Instead, your body is rapidly using up carbs and water that have been stored. Once you drop that water weight and those leftover carbs, the weight loss will slow some. However, if you are staying in ketosis and sticking to a healthy diet, your body will begin to burn fat.

Unlike the weight you lose from shedding water and carbs, fat loss is real and lasting.

2. Bad Breath

Unfortunately, not all signs of ketosis are positive.

A common side effect of a low carb diet is bad breath. As your body’s ketone levels begin to rise, one specific ketone, called acetone, begins to exit your body. It does so through both your urine and your breath.

As a result, your breath may smell fruity and sour while you are in ketosis. Unlike rapid weight loss, this is one side effect that won’t fade with time.

While you can use mints and gum to help curb the bad breath, be sure to check the label. Many sugar-free drinks and candies are packed with carbs. These can raise your blood sugar and knock you out of ketosis.

3. Reduced Appetite

This next sign of ketosis could also be one of the factors of the weight loss we mentioned.

While experts aren’t entirely sure why reduced appetite is something that many individuals who are in ketosis experience.

Some theories do exist. One is that because you are eating more protein and vegetables, your body’s hunger hormones are altered. Another is that the ketones in your body affect your brain, telling it that you aren’t hungry.

Either way, when you’re trying to lose weight and avoid tempting foods like sweets or bread, this is a good side effect to experience.

4. Digestive Problems

Just about any time you change your diet in a drastic way, you can expect a change in your digestion. Entering ketosis is no exception.

Different people experience different digestive trouble while on the keto diet or a similar diet, like Atkins.

Constipation and diarrhea are both common early on when starting this diet.

After your body begins to adjust to your new diet, these symptoms usually subside. However, depending on the types of foods you’re favoring while in ketosis, these symptoms can sometimes continue.

For instance, if you aren’t eating enough low carb vegetables, which are high in fiber, you might continue to experience diarrhea. If you eat too many, you may experience constipation.

The best way to manage and then avoid these side effects is to eat a varied diet to maintain ketosis but also to keep your digestive tract healthy and functioning properly.

5. More Energy

Another positive side effect that you might notice as you enter and then stay in ketosis is a boost of energy. More specifically, you may notice that you are suddenly better able to focus, feel more awake during the day, and have more energy to work out.

For some, this boost comes just as the body begins to get over the initial low feeling of starting a low carb diet. Sometimes referred to as keto flu, this transition period can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, or even ill.

As you leave that stage behind and your body begins to adapt, you may feel more energy as a result.

Over time, as your body adjusts to using ketones for fuel, your mind will feel more awake and clear. Fewer carbs also help to control your blood sugar levels, which will help you avoid the normal energy ups and downs throughout the day that you experience when eating carbs.

6. Short Term Fatigue

After we just told you that you could experience a boost of energy, short-term fatigue might sound like an odd side effect. But the reality is that different people’s bodies adapt differently to new diets.

We already mentioned that you might experience tiredness as a result of keto flu as you enter ketosis. For some, that feeling may continue for 7 days, or even as long as a month, after entering ketosis.

While this side effect can be tough to deal with, if you stick it out, it will subside with time. Once your body learns how to burn ketones, you’ll start to enjoy that mental clarity and boost of energy.

7. Trouble Sleeping

Much like trouble with your digestion, insomnia is a common side effect for anyone starting a new diet.

When you make a sudden change by cutting carbs, you could find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or having trouble falling asleep.

Like most negative side effects, this too will go away with time.

Mastering the Keto Diet

Once you learn how to tell if you’re in ketosis, sticking to the keto diet can be a great way to burn fat, boost your energy levels, and leave a healthier life.

While cutting carbs is a good start, if you want an extra boost to your fat burning, adding a burn formula to your routine can help. Check out our BHB Ketogenic Burn Formula to see how it can help enhance your weight loss today.

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